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*Authorization. By submitting this rebate form, you hereby authorize the release and authorization of your rental information (i.e., apartment unit, rent, lease terms) from your apartment property (lessor) to Freelocating.com so that the property may be invoiced for the referral commission for your lease. By entering in your name, you are signing this authorization to release the necessary information to invoice the lessor apartment property. By entering your name, you also certify that you found your property through Freelocating.com

FreeLocating.com is an apartment locating company offering a searchable database of apartments. In order for you to qualify for a cash rebate, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. You must not have visited the property prior to registering.
  2. You must lease a property listed in our apartment locating database or a property referred to you by one of our licensed agents.
  3. You must list Freelocating con the Guest Card and Rental Application. This MUST be done in order to receive the cash rebate.
  4. You must not be moving from a sister property.
  5. You must not be transferring from within the same property.
  6. You must sign at least a 6-month lease to be eligible for any rebate incentive.
  7. Our rebate will be calculated for each apartment using our proprietary formula.
  8. You must not break your lease.
  9. You must stay current on your rent.
  10. You must fill out the rebate form within 2 weeks after move in.

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